Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dustland Adventures

Just thought I'd post character designs I came up with not to long ago for a story I was planning to do....well, less of a story really and more of a concept.

I'm not much of a writer, but I just had an idea for a failed anthology I wanted to do and the first image that came to mind was this little boy in goggles, the dusty wind flying through his hair, riding a motorcycle with an old worn out biker.

Maybe someday I'll find the guts to sit down and actually write out a mini-comic for this image, but until then,I'll just enjoy it for what it is(and hope that you guys do to): an idea.

Cause thats where all stories start with an idea, right?

Alright guys,
Have fun and stay passionate.


1 comment:

Jason Shasteen said...

i think the idea has potential for sure. Love the motorcycle boy, goggles are always cool. What if the bike had the ability to change into a hang-glider? would make for a cool sequence! the art..well done :)