Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something Blue

Josh and I will be married on October 14th of this year at St. Paul's Chapel at the Garden & Art's center. We are registered at Target and Amazon

I haven't had a lot of time to plan a wedding(only two months) and I certainly haven't had a lot of money to pay for one. Thankfully, Josh and I have plenty of family members and friends who are willing to help us out. We're making our own decorations, Josh's parent's are paying for our entire honeymoon(including food!), my Mom is making all of the reception food herself, the reception is in my Mamaw's backyard garden, my future Sister-in-law let me borrow her veil, and the mother of a friend is a cake decorator and is making our cake for us(Thanks Maggie!). On top of all of that and the multitude of other ways people are helping us plan for our big day--another friend, Heather Rushing of Dirty Deeds Soap , has offered to make our reception favors and Josh and I have found a really nice Unitarian lady, Sue Weninger, who will officiate our big day for us.

However, both Heather and Sue had one stipulation-- they wanted some sort of illustration done for the big day. Heather wanted one to use for the packaging of wedding favors and the Officiant wanted one to put on the ceremony booklet.

So I hope that this drawing will do. The piece is a 9x12 watercolor/colored pencil illustration.
It took about 12 hours all together and was a LOT of fun to make. I may play around with this style some more. I would love to do a whole comic like this.

Our colors are Navy/Marine Blue, Gold, and White and our theme is "Under the Stars" so Josh and I thought that Doctor Who could be incorporated nicely into the theme in some fun little ways.

The wedding is just three weeks away. I can't wait! Josh and I both are soooo happy right now that, at the end of the day, no matter how all of the details turn out, the fact that I will be marrying him is all that matters.

Afterwards I have a LOT of "Thank You" notes to write and I couldn't be more glad to do so.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As Always, Everything Has Changed

Wow, it's been a very long time since I've posted here. It's amazing to see how far I've come since October.

Josh(My boyfriend of 8 months now) and I moved out of our cramped one-bedroom apartment not to long ago and got our first town house. I'm so very grateful for the life we have now. Those first few months of living together were difficult at times. We were selling as much of our stuff as we could at first to pay for rent and groceries. Hoping we would find work or a steady paying gig soon. But we were still very happy. Now we have an abundance of food and we no longer have to worry about paying bills. We've even managed to pay off some of our debts.

I finally came out to my Mom about studying and practicing Buddhism(although not of my own accord). I'm still a Christian, but I'm also a Buddhist. I've meditated since I was 18 and was always afraid to tell my mom or to try and go to some Buddhist classes in my area. But now that my Mom has found out and has had time to cool off, I find that I'm not really pressured about my beliefs now and we both have a good relationship again.

Also, I quit Robot Cowboy Studio's(the studio I shared with my friends Will, Amber, Kiki, and Syd a few months back. It's on the other side of town and I don't have a car. Plus, I had a few months where I had no money to pay them rent, so it was really only fair that I quit so I could pay them back. Now I have a great studio in the 2nd bedroom in my apartment with new equipment like a 12wx Cintiq, a Large Format Printer, and more that help me do job even faster. I even have a GIGANTIC foam bean bag chair in there for when I need to take a break.

Working from home definitely has it's benefits. I get to cook every night now and bake on the weekends for a boyfriend who loves my cooking and tells me so every chance he gets.

And now I have a steady gig with a Textbook company working on a Freshmen Orientation Graphic Novel for colleges. I have a great boss and I get to work from home and make enough money to feel like I'm contributing.

I'm still not without my issues or dilemmas, but right now life is so good, that I thought I'd take a moment to realize how my life has changed and how grateful I am for everyone and everything in my life. When I look back on where I was just a year ago, I see the dramatic changes I went through that seemed so subtle and unnoticeable at the time. Having to leave my old apartment and move in with my Mom again, Quitting Convergys, Finishing my first education comic gig for a new client, joining Robot Cowboy Studios with my art friends in town, Messaging this really nice guy on Facebook about coming to the Lubbock Sketch Club, finally agreeing to go out on a date with said guy....etc. Small decisions that have taken me far away from the dreary life of the Technical Support phone agent for Comcast/Convergys High Speed Internet, living off of banquet meals and wondering how I was ever gonna get what I wanted out of life.

This serves as a reminder to me: No matter how hopeless or how sad you seem.... Within a year, that could all change. And when it does, you won't even realize it until after it's happened.

Everybody have a great week! I hope you all have something(s) to be grateful for as well!


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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”

--Joseph Campbell