Friday, October 16, 2009

The Spirit

Here's my most recent and most successful attempt at a watercolor painting so far. With this one, it felt like something finally just clicked in my head and made figuring the whole thing out easier.

The Spirit is a great character and his creator, Will Eisner, has been a hero of mine since I was a young teenager. Don't let the gawd-awful Spirit movie fool you, the Spirit was a class act and the revived Spirit comic book that comes out from DC Comics is great. I've been reading it in trade and so far my favorite run on it has to be Darwyne Cooke's, so I highly encourage everyone to go pick it up. Good times. :)

Ok folks. Just have time for a quickie, so I better go. I have a book that's near completion on my drawing table that I need to finish up, so I'll blog again soon.

Have a grateful day!

Quote of the day:

"And Now.
Now is all we have or so they say.
And I am either thrilled
To be the one that's in my shoes.
Ot tethered to the tyranny of all of my to-do's.
No wonder no one gets to far from loneliness.

Oh here I go, I'm rolling up my sleeves.
Cause this is where I start deciding
Everything is alright and--
Oh, if it all comes down to expertise
Than this would be the book I'm writing:
How to take on terror till you find out that your brave.
How to watch the sun go down
And how not to behave."

--"How Not to Behave" by Christine Kane

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Misty Mays said...

How to take on terror till you find out that your brave.This was a powerful quote. I LOVED THE MOVIE TERENTINO MADE ALSO.