Friday, April 24, 2009

Sketchcard #2: The Tenth Doctor

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Pencil, Ink, and watercolor.

Just relaxing at the coffe house and working on thumbnails for the next issue of the book I'm doing for Comic Book company x as well as doing some sketching on character sheets for a pitch me and a writer friend are doing for a textbook company. Issue one for comicbook company x is in the can and has been shiped out, so I'm working on the second issue for that and inking pages for my other client this week.

I really wish I could show some pages here, but I dont want to let the cat out of the bag before anything is officialy announced, which may take a while. But once all four issues for the book are done, I'll be more than happy to post as much is allowed here.

Until then, I'll keep posting sketchcards and I'll try to squeeze some time into the next few weeks to do some sample pages to post here. Those Young Justice pages at the bottom are becoming an eyesore for me and I know I can do better. I just got done reading Mike Weiringo and Mark Waids run on Fantastic Four and I think I would love love love to do a Doctor Who/Fantastic Four crossover sample of about 5 or so pages. If anyone wants to try writing it, I'd be much obliged. I might try my hand at writing though. Its not something that comes naturally, but I really want to draw this. I've always been a fan of the FF and I'll grab at any chance to draw the Doctor. So we'll see...

That's it for today.

Right now I'm going to sit here, relax, drink my coffee, and sketch out a few more thumbs.

Until another day....


Sketch card #1: Captain America

I haven't had access to a scanner AND a computer for such a long time now due to my old roommate moving out that it's a relief to have these available again. Add to this that I've been working long hours everyday all day, I wouldn't have had time to update anyways.

A LOT has gone on in the past month and a half. To much to mention here. I've been juggling to freelance gigs plus I'm now trying to get things put together for an upcoming convention. Finding a workable schedule and staying "motivated" was proving hard and I was struggling to stay focused there for awhile...

THANKFULLY, I found away through this dilema. A few local artist friends and I have started up "Cowboy Robot Studios" in an office building in downtown Lubbock and it's helped a lot to separate my work environment from my home environment. I'm dropped off at the studio at around 9 in the morning and leave anywhere from around 6pm to 1am, depending on who gives me a ride home. There's still no wireless in the studio and we decided to keep the studio TV free. So I'm pretty much held hostage by my work, only allowed to leave when everything has been marked off of my to do list for that day. This has been FANTASTICALLY helpful and it's taught me something about discipline and creativity.

Most artistic types tend to fend away from words like "discipline", "work", etc. But truth is, it's important in a creative career. Waiting until you "feel like" doing something is a creativity killer. Waiting around for inspiration to hit is a horrible idea and a good way to assure you won't be able to make a career at what you want to do. You have to sit with your art everyday and, when inspiration isn't coming, you have to hammer it out anyways despite how much you don't "feel like it".

I've had to learn this in the last year and a half. The only way to accomplish anything you want in life is to work hard at it and make compromises on other parts of your life, at least for a little while. Whats kept me from getting what I want for so long until lately is the fact that I didn't want to give anything up. I didn't want to admit that I'd have to make sacrifices. But the truth is, anything worth having in life takes persistence and hard work. It won't happen over night. It could take a year of hard work or ten years. But clocking in daily and doing what needs to be done is success at its heart.

So yeah, having a studio has been great. I love what I do and I thank God for this job every day but it's exactly that--a job. And having a place to go everyday has helped me get into that mentality. Comic books is my business, and business is good. :)

I'll go into more detail about the actual studio later( I may even put a few pics of it up), but for now I'll just post this Captain America sketch card I did recently. A lot of local artists have started doing sketch cards on a daily basis to warm up and so I thought I might give this a try as well. More to come. I'm going to try to put a little stock pile of sketch cards together for the upcoming Lubbock Comic Book Expo and will post here with the progress.

Back to work!
You'll be hearing more from me soon, though. ;)