Sunday, August 31, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight pages.

So here's the Batman: Gotham Knight pages I did a few weeks ago. S'Not much, but it's a start.
I finished the Twilight pages I've been working on these past two weeks today and I've been busy as ever. I've managed to draw about 35 hours this past week while working a 40 hour a week job. I remember when I thought this would be impossible. But it seems that the more busy I become, the more efficient I am.
However, now that those pages are done, I'm going to take the next two weeks off before I start the Torchwood(or Doctor Who. Haven't decided yet and I love both) sample pages. I'm moving into my first apartment next week and I haven't even started packing. Plus, I still have to drive out to my Dad's to get my furniture and my books out of storage.
This week will most likely be spent getting ready for the move, drawing up a few comic strips for a friends up and coming web comic, and getting some reading done. I've had the "Breaking Dawn" book for almost a month now and I'm only a hundred pages into it. Most of my friends have managed to read it twice now. And I also have a large stack of comics begging to be read.
I'll post the Twilight pages as soon as I can make it down to the nearest Kinkos. Until then, I'm posting a lil' youtube video so that people who don't know what Twilight is(i.e., most of my comic book peoples) can get a gist of it and see what the characters are supposed to look like. Not sure how well I did on capturing a likeness, but lemme know when I post the pages.

Lemme know what you think of the Batman pages! Please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what I did right and where I failed miserably ;)

Until next time,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Been A Long Time Coming...

Hello one and all of the two people who might still read this blog(me being one of the two, the other being my friend Ashley who threatened bodily harm to me if I don't start updating my blog on a weekly basis soon.).

Once again, sorry that it's been forever since I've updated. What can I say, other than life has been crazy and hectic as always--but also to much fun to spend to much time in front of a computer. I got a job at the "Comcastic" Convergys call center( Which seems to me to be a text book case of how NOT to run a company. ), I've been getting ready to move into my first apartment(with my Cool Beans roomie/best friend and scarey-as-hell editor, Ashley :) ), I've discovered the awesomeness that is a British TV show called DOCTOR WHO!!!, and I've been increasing my efforts to make a living as a comic book artist by about 300%--I even helped tech a workshop this past week on Comic Book layouts AND I've even had a date(well....It wasn't really a date, but still. :P). I'ts been a crazy summer. Alot in my life has changed and is pushing me in the direction to finally grow into a more independent, responsible, and confident person.

All in all, I feel like I'm moving into the next stage of my life. From the low self-esteem, irresponsible, and lazy teenager and into the low self-esteem, irresponsible, and somewhat-less-lazy young 20-something. :P j/k

I'm honestly am going to try and update this blog more often--either with sketches or submission pages from my portfolio. Lately I've decided that if I want to work in comics, that I need to get used to working two full-time jobs first--Working 40 hours a week at convergys and then working 40 hours a week studying and drawing sample comic book pages from home. So I'm not getting much sleep(except on the weekends.), but I do feel like I'm finally moving in a faster pace towards what I want to accomplish. Soon I'll be making enough from my art so that I can go part-time at Convergys and eventually I'll quit my "day job" all together and work from home or in a studio with my other artist friends. I know that at first I won't be making alot of money in comics but, even if I only make as much as I do at Convergys every month, it will still be worth five times more to me than my usualy paycheck is.

So yeah, busy as a bee. And, actually, I probably need to be getting back to work. So I'll end this little update here. I've included some more rect art in this post that I hope you enjoy. The Ood is a slave race alien that's in an episode or two of Doctor Who and David Tennant is the Guy who plays the Doctor, and then also a caricature of actor Robert Pattinson(EDWARD!!!), and last, but not least, is Time-Agent Mack--My own creation, inspired by the Doctor Who and Torchwood series.

Later peoples! B)