Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing and Staying Focused

Here's the Thing Watercolor Sketch that's on the opposite page from my Flash drawing.

Staying focused lately has been proving to be a little difficult. Between juggling two projects and dealing with other "life issues", I find myself wondering "what happens once I'm done with THIS project? Then what?" and then I start to worry. I start to think of other projects that are in the planning stage, or I start thinking about how I need to start prepping my portfolio for the upcoming Heroes Con to look for more work and my productivity slows down as I forget to stay in the moment.

In the creative field, yes it's important to plan ahead, but it's also important to keep your head in the game. I can't be thinking about what work I need to do tomorrow or what I'm going to do for the next issue or for the project as a whole because then I get overwhelmed. It's easier to focus on the one page I have to do that day instead of the twenty+ I have to do for the month. It makes getting things done easier. And it keeps me moving ahead and pushing through. I'm quickly learning in this line of work that you have to break a project into workable chunks and just focusing on one piece at a time if you want to get ANY work done at all. Otherwise you'll just sit at your drawing board all day paralyzed by how much there is to be done.

Worry only about today. Tomorrows work will take care of its self.


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