Monday, May 4, 2009

Sketch Card #3: Spider Woman

So I'm sitting here in my Mom's car and it's hot as hell outside. I have a stack of sketchbooks that I've been hired to do commissions in and a full work load on my to-do list, but it's way to warm in here to think.

The plan for today was to head to the Studio this morning and get some work done, but it appears the universe decided I would have an "off day" today( or morning, rather). I had a lot of things that went wrong earlier that all seemed to get fixed or resolved by lunch time and it makes me stop and realize how ridiculous it is sit and stress the small stuff. Forgot my work stuff at the house? A chance to catch up on commissions and update my blog. My IPod falls in a sink full of water and starts going schizophrenic on me? Let it dry out and everything is fine. In fact, in the mean time, catch up with whats going on in my family's life instead of tuning it all out. Cell phone stops working and I have to have it to get a ride home from the studio? Quick stop at the Sprint store to find out the charger is kaputz and just get a new one. Issues resolved and I'm left feeling like a 5 year old throwing a hissy fit.

It all comes down to mental attitude. Even though I was upset at the beginning of the day, I tried to stick with the thought that things in my life only go wrong when something really really great is about to happen. And yet, I notice when I think a day is just going to turn out horribly bad, guess what? It turns nearly catastrophic with it's suckage. We choose the outcome of our life and the days we live in it. We choose to either throw temper tantrums or just take a calm breath and go with the flow. The day, in actuality, is neither good or bad--it's just how we perceive it.

So day might not have started out exactly how I wished it would of, but from here on out today is going to be beautifully happy and productive. Because I choose for it to be. And it all comes down to choice.

Alright, that's it for now. I'll leave you with the sketch card I did of Spider Woman a week back. New sketches coming along soon.


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