Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Robot Cowboy Studios: Part One

Ok, holding up to what I said on an earlier post and putting up some pics of the Studio. I have a little more than a dozen photos here, so I'm splitting this post up in two parts, to be continued on Friday. Today we have a look at the break room as well as the work areas of Syd, Will, Amber, And Kiki. Friday will be a look at my work space, the crazy antics of the studio action figures, and the view from the studios windows. So be sure to check back here Friday night!

First in the studio, is our break room. We meet with clients, hold Studio meetings, goof off, and eat in here. To the right is the door out into the hallway of office suites in the NTS building-- the Tallest one in Lubbock.

Our dry-erase/bulletin board. This is meant to keep track of inspiring quotes or messages to our fellow studio-mates but is more often used to just doodle silly ideas down on. Like Fanguins!(Vampire penguins...don't ask) The right side of the board holds newspaper articles about Sketch Club, the Friday Night Art Trail, and the Lubbock Comic Book Expo.

The coffee table holds a mixture of comic books and books on Sequential Story telling. The Neil Gaiman novel and Curious George coloring book are both mine......The other visible book on the table is a promotional mini-comic filling with sneak peak art and pages from Will Terrell's latest book "Super Zeroes". The artwork for this is absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to grab a copy of it when it comes out.

And on the other side of this first room across from the break area is...not much of anything really. A shelf with office supplies, tools, and my make-up bag and batman cap and then we have the garbage that needs to be taken out. We're planning on putting our computers and graphics design stuff over here, but right now we still need to get stuff for the office. I have a good scanner I can bring into the office, but without a computer it doesn't do us much good. And so, there on the right, is the doorway into the room where all the hard work happens...

At the far end of the room here is Sid's desk. Sid's currently working on submissions for companies and putting together a large stack of sketch cards. He has a Sentinel Action Figure there and, when we're bored, we'll pose it with the other action figures an take pictures. Sid usually works nights and comes in around midnight to one am, so I don't see him a lot since I'm on the opposite schedule.And here's Will's desk and all of his supplies- He has all of his air brushing and watercolor materials in the corner there and then he has all of his inking and penciling supplies are in the drawer on the right. Like I said earlier, Will is currently working on his creator-owned book Super Zeroes. I've had the lucky chance to see this project in different stages of development and I can't wait for it to be published! I learn a lot from Will. He's a great teacher and a good friend.And then we have Amber. Amber is a total doll! But, y'know, she doesn't draw a lot of comics so we make her work on the floor. j/k She makes Sock Monsters and other equally adorable little toys as well as make our displays for comic book conventions.

And this here is Kiki's desk. Kiki writes and draws two webcomics: Stupidity in the Right Ear: a comic about working in a call center and Snakes and Apples: The true(fictional) story about what happened in the garden of Eden. She writes and draws several mini comics and pencils "Zombie Cows", an online web comic. When I'm up in the studio until late at night/ early in the morning, me and Kiki hang out,goof off, and draw our asses off. I'm insanely jealous of her speed though. :P She's still awesome, though.

We've been in this office space for two months now. It's been fantastic so far. We don't keep a TV in the office and we don't have wireless, so it pretty much forces me to keep an information lite diet and cuts down on distractions. We started the studio with the goal of making this our fulltime job in 6 months and, for those of us who already do this full time, to keep up on our projects and keep getting more steady gigs.
Ok. That's all for right now. More of the studio on Friday, so be sure to check back. :)
Have a great night, guys.

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