Friday, August 24, 2007

I'll have to make this a fast post tonight...

No pun intended. :D

I spent almost all day today in Lakeland and I got the chance to visit my old art teachers from Harrison at the Polk Museum of Art(Where all of my highschool art classes were held) and see some old faces. It was great. Being back in the class studio was like coming back home. It hasn't changed one bit. There was also this great gallery downstairs by this Cuban artist, Carlos Luna. His paintings were insanely amazing. He was there to talk abot his work with the students, so I came at just the right time. :) Thats what I always loved about having classes at the Museum instead of on campus--there was always some new gallery up by some amazing and uber talented artist whose work was on display all the way up to the studio. There was always some sort or inspiration or new visual input to be had to motivate and encourage students to try new things. Luna, through his son who translated, said something that I thought was very poetic: "You have to be dedicated to your art and live with it everyday. A painting is like a woman. She won't give you her body, unless you give her your soul. " ...It's moments like that that make me wish that I had never quit Harrsion, but ah well. Live and learn, I guess.

So, being out on the town today, I didn't have time to finish a sketch and get it to a scanner. So instead you get this: Impulse. I did it a day or two ago. Another favorite character of mine that I was introduced to in the pages of Young Justice. In an age of grit and dark storylines, he was always a fun and light character. Something I think DC Comics is missing these days. I wish they could bring him back again as Impulse and just retcon the last two or three years away. Maybe have a YJ revival. Theres already enough dark in the world--and I don't mind it in my comics,--but theres also room for a little escapism and a good laugh. Impulse was the creation of Mark Waid and the late Mike Wieringo, someone I have always been a huge fan of.

Wieringo is one of the reasons I started this blog. I have a lot of things I could say about him that others who actually knew him have already put in more eloquent words, so I'll just say that my prayers go out to his friends and family and that I hope Wieringo can see the huge impact he's made throught hundreds of tributes to him all over the net.

But...erm, yeah...Impulsey goodness. Enjoy.
Next week I'll start drawing recommended characters, so drop me a comment and lemme know you folks want.

Thats all folks,
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