Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Sketch Dump

Timmy Dork



Just a short post today. I'm giving ya three sketches today since I haven't updated much this week. The first is a quick ten minute sketch last night I did of Tim Drake/Robin, second it the Ultimate version of Wolverine, and the last is Powergirl. I'm happy with how the first two turned out, but I got a little frustrated on the Powergirl sketch. Ah well, live and learn. :) They can't all be 'good' sketches. Bad mistakes are just as important as the happy accidents--they serve as lessons. :)

I'm really liking how much more cartoony my work is getting(Compared to my older stuff where I couldn't draw a body or even a face without a photo next to me). I have more fun drawing like this --and now it seems unbelievable that just last year I was whining about how I couldnt draw in a more 'cartooney' style because of my obsession with detail--even though all of my favorite artists are minimalists with a more animated style. I would spend hours working on a drawing just to get the facial features "just right" and now....

Heh. Thats life though, I guess. Things change without you even noticing it sometimes.

Alrighty now....I'll try to post something tomarrow. Promise. ;)

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