Sunday, February 15, 2009

Exausted, But Happy.

Hey there internet peoples. 
I feel really bad that I don't update this blog more often, but frankly theres not that much to report. Not to mention that I've been so busy lately that I barely have time to catch a full night's sleep let alone blog. 

I've been hard at work these past two weeks on the comic book project I'm doing for "company x", Teaching art classes partime in an afterschool program, and taking Taekwondo. Theres not much room in my schedule for relaxing.  Last night I only got three hours of sleep(and an hour nap) while trying to meet a self-imposed deadline/goal. I'm up to drawing five pages a week, which might not be to hard for a seasoned pro, but for a noob freelancer who also has another job, it's a huge improvement. :) I'm drawing on average 9 hours a day(With about 12 hours a day Friday and Saturday) , which is alot more than I'm used to back when I had my old job.  Now that this weeks goal is met, I get to do it allll again starting tomarrow. Don't get me wrong--I'm busy, stressed, exaughsted and I would kill for a "day off"...but I've never been happier. I have that kind of joyful/peaceful feeling when I finish a page a day like I get when i'm at the beach, sitting on the porch when its pouring down rain, or on a roadtrip. I just have the biggest smile on my face lately and I can't get rid of it, even if I wanted to.

Also, I'm really going to put more effort keep this blog rolling. Even if I just have to upload pictures some weeks, because I haven't had time to sketch. It will still be a step in the right direction.

Ok, I'll have to cut this short. I can barely keep my eyes open and I have to be up in five hours.



theimmortalfireboy said...

Haha, love the sketch! ~:D

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the toons. Im going to start my blog now by golly!-Amber