Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Internet deprived, but not dead.

Sorry about taking so long to update, once again. This time, it wasn't my fault though. :D 

I moved into my first apartment just a month ago and, since I had been using my moms computer in order to access the internet and to update this blog, once I moved out I was completely cut off. So I eventually got my computer's power cord fixed( After waiting almost six months for our computer manufacturer to send us one on our insurance plan) and it my laptop worked great!...For the first few hours before it complete crashed and became unsalvageable.  So I've been without any internet connection till my roommate got a used computer a week or two ago and then she wasn't able to get her old scanner/printer till just a few days ago.  So yeah...I want to get a computer. Maybe a Mac...I just don't have a credit history to get one at Best Buy, otherwise I would-and thats coming from me, someone who's afraid to get anything on credit.

I really love my new apartment, though. So that's a plus ^_^ I'm going to try and get a few pictures up of it on here...once, y'know, I tidy it up a bit...:-P 

And I got my first paying art gig! More on that later...I'm not going to be making quite enough to go part time, though I still might do so since I'm starting to get tired of my "Comcastic" call center job. I can probably make up for the lost revenue by offering to do commissions up at work to the people I know are interested. I love the project I'll be working on, though. It's a really fun and original story with a lot of imagination.

Nothing is finalized with the project yet,  so I'm still walking in a bit tentatively. In the meantime, while I wait for the business side of things to be decided and to get a contract signed, I'm working on a Young Justice sample that includes the characters above (Robin, Impulse, Superboy) in preparation for Wizard World Texas. I'm trying to get a portfolio put together while simultaneously working overtime at work to make sure I can afford the trip to Dallas/Arlington.  Things are stressful and a little bit overwhelming at times, but I couldn't be happier. I feel like things in my life are falling into place and like I'm finally in alignment with my goals and aspirations. Like I finally got my drivers license! Whoo-hoo!. It only took me until..I was...almost 20...X(

So that's it for now. Sorry about the long-ass blog entry, just felt like I had a lot happen this month that I should put out there. The next one should be shorter. Promise. 

Until next time,


x-man75 said...

Wow, I just wanted to say you seem to be an awesome artist! I especially loved your Impulse, Bart was always one of my favorites, and you really captured him well. Good Luck in Texas!

Rachael said...

Aww. Thanks, man. Thats always really great to hear. Bart Allen/Impulse is one of my favorite characters as well, so I'm glad to hear that you think I did him justice.